Official training camp – July 29th – August 4

  • Courses with SportIdent
  • 3 days competition Vilnius 2021 (July 30 – August 1) (more info –

For trainings we offering 4 maps:

Žalieji ežerai




Controls are out of the forest in these maps. You can get plain map, or map with all controls. We can print maps for you (laser print), or you can print it at home.

Upon request we can organize SportIdent training session for your team.


Map file (PDF) with all controls or plain – 2 eur / person

Printed map – 3 eur / pcs

Map file – 100 eur / map

SportIdent session – 100-120 eur per session

More information regarding trainings –

Accommodation for training camp:

Car rent companies: