Embargo areas

The embargoed areas for Sprint –  indicated with orange color – are permitted for access for competitors, team officials and other persons but may not be used for orienteering trainings or route choice testing. It is prohibited to stay there with a map, to orienteer (reconnoitre) through the embargoed area or to test route choices running or walking. No organised orienteering of any kind may take place in these embargoed area until after EYOC 2021. New regulations (full embargo) will be in effect on the competition day, described in detail in Bulletin 3.

The embargoed areas for the Long Distance and the Relay competitions – indicated with red colour: Competitors, team officials, and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain may influence the results of the competition, are not allowed to enter these embargoed areas.

Training areas –indicated with green: used in official training camps and in model events on 19th of August.