Dear athletes and team officials,

These are special times, but it’s also time for the sport of orienteering to get back on the stage. We understand that you want to be well prepared for the races and perform at your very best during the competitions. Therefore, we think it is important that you can train and compete the days before EYOC 2021 to be ready. For the event, it is of great importance that you follow the advice contained in this document the days before and during EYOC to ensure that you are not infected when coming to Lithuania and to be able to participate in all the races. 

Please consider what the impact for you and the sport of orienteering can be: 

– It is for your safety not to risk getting infected and to test positive before the event (you would not be allowed to travel then). 

– If you test positive, you risk that your whole team will be excluded from the races if there has not been any clear separation within the team. 

– The whole event can be in danger if we have positive cases in several teams or a hotspot during the event. 

Thank you for your collaboration and see you in Lithuania!

COVID Bulletin 1 (2021-06-11)

COVID Bulletin 2 (2021-07-15)